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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Migrate SOA 10g to SOA 11g using Jdeveloper 11g


This section covers the high level Prerequisite steps that have to be verified before performing the Upgrade steps.

Verify that the Applications Are Up and Running Successfully on Oracle Application Server 10g

Before upgrading the Oracle Application Server 10g applications on Oracle Fusion Middleware Soa Suite 11g, ensure that the external partners (in the form remote Web services) are up and running and available.
Oracle JDeveloper 11g must be able to access these external partners, as well as the Oracle BPEL Process Manager and Oracle Enterprise Service Bus services deployed on 10g; otherwise, it can not properly migrate the projects in your application to 11g. 

This is required for the following reasons:
Ø  To verify that the application has no issues or problems in the 10g environment that might cause the upgrade and redeployment to fail on Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite 11g.
Ø  To reduce the amount of work required to redefine the external references in the application source code.
To verify that the required Web services are available, review  each of the projects in Oracle SOA Suite applications before migrating them to 11g. For example, review the Oracle BPEL Process Manager Configuration files for each project and verify that the Web services URIs referenced in those configuration files are valid and working.

Verify whether the 10g environment is upgraded to 11g

Before migrating SOA 1og projects to SOA 11g, verify that the environment is setup properly.
Ø  Verify that the new Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite 11g environment is up and running.
Ø  Make sure the configuration settings required for the applications to be deployed are done. This includes,
·         Datasource configurations – Datasource, Connection pool for all required adapters – Database, MQ, JMS, AQ, AQ JMS, File and FTP. These settings are done from the Weblogic Console. Refer Oracle® Fusion Middleware Developer’s Guide for Oracle SOA Suite 11g Release 1 (11.1.1) provided  for further details.
·         DVM Configurations – Make sure the DVMs used in applications are imported into Oracle SOA Suite 11g.
·         XSD Configurations – Make sure the XSDs placed in common location in 10g are moved to 11g Metadata service Repository.
Ø  Verify that the Jdeveloper 11g is installed with the Oracle SOA Composite Editor extension required for developing SOA Composite applications.


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