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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Migrate SOA 10g Projects to SOA 11g using Oracle Jdeveloper 11g

Open and Upgrade the application in Oracle Jdeveloper 11g

Ø  Save a copy of the project that is developed using Oracle JDeveloper 10g Release 3 in a separate folder or directory on disk.
Ø  Select Open from the File menu and select the Oracle JDeveloper 10g .jws file.
Ø  Follow the instructions on the screen to migrate the project files and selected Java technologies to Oracle JDeveloper Release 11g and Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite 11g.
Ø  Review the application migration log files, which are located in the following directory inside the Oracle JDeveloper home directory:
§  On UNIX systems: JDEV_HOME/JDeveloper/upgrade/logs/
§  On Windows systems: JDEV_HOME\JDeveloper\upgrade\logs\
       Validate the steps provided in

Validations / Considerations when upgrading SOA Suite Applications below

before proceeding to next section.

Review and Recompile the Application

Perform the following tasks:
Ø  From the Oracle JDeveloper 11g File menu, select Save All to save all the projects in the selected workspace.
Ø  From the Build menu, select Make All to recompile all the projects in the workspace, or right-click one project at a time and select Make project_name.
Ø  Review the output in the Compiler message panel at the bottom of the Oracle JDeveloper window.
Ø  For each compilation error, double-click the error icon and review the problem code.

Redeploy the Application

After you have reviewed the available resources and successfully recompiled the projects in the application, deploy the application on Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite 11g.

Validations / Considerations when upgrading SOA Suite Applications

General Tasks:

Ø  Upgrade Tasks associated with Java applications: 
If any of the SOA Suite applications implements custom Java code, they have to be migrated to 11g before attempting the migration of SOA applications. Refer the Oracle® Fusion Middleware Upgrade Guide for Java EE 11g Release 1 (11.1.1) for further details.

Ø  Verify SOA Suite API Changes for Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite 11g:
Oracle SOA Suite 11g introduces a new infrastructure management API that replaces several other APIs previously available in Oracle SOA Suite 10g.  Custom applications coded with the Oracle BPEL Process Manager 10.1.3 Client Java API cannot currently be upgraded to the 11g Release 1 Client Java API. As a workaround, use the Infrastructure Management API that is shipped with Release 1.
If  client has implemented any custom applications that use the standard BPEL APIs, then the custom applications have to be changed to refer the Infrastructure Management API. In case if there is no usage of standard APIs, this section can be ignored.
For reference, check the Oracle SOA Suite 11g Java API Reference in Reference section.

Ø  Review projects for dependent JAR files:
While upgrading an Oracle SOA Suite application that depends upon references to custom JAR file libraries note that these references may not get upgraded automatically when the application is opened and upgraded in Oracle JDeveloper 11g. As a result, review the projects for these types of dependencies and, after the upgrade, make sure to add any missing references, by selecting the Libraries and Classpath link in the Oracle JDeveloper 11g Project Properties dialog.
Ø  Upgrading Applications That Require Proxy Settings for Web Services: 
While are upgrading an application that uses Web services resources outside the company firewall, make sure to modify a configuration file that will enable the upgrade to accesses proxy settings and adjust them accordingly during the upgrade of the application.
o   To configure Oracle JDeveloper 11g to use the proxies during the upgrade process:
1.       Locate the following file in the JDEV_HOME/bin directory: sca-upgrade.xml
2.      Edit the file and modify the following settings to identify the proxy server and port required to resolve the Web services addresses for the applications that are to be upgraded.
<jvmarg value="-Dhttp.proxySet=true"/>
<jvmarg value="-Dhttp.proxyHost=PROXY_SERVER"/>
<jvmarg value="-Dhttp.proxyPort=PROXY_PORT"/>
Note that there are two locations in the file to modify these settings. One location is used to set the proxy while upgrading an ESB project to Oracle Mediator 11g; the other is used while are upgrading Oracle BPEL Process Manager projects.
3.       Stop and start Oracle JDeveloper 11g so that the changes can take effect and then open and upgrade the application in Oracle JDeveloper 11g.
Ø  Recreating build.xml and Files Not Upgraded by the Migration Wizard:
While upgrading an application in Oracle JDeveloper 11g, the build.xml and files associated with the application projects are not upgraded. Therefore, recreate these files in Oracle JDeveloper 11g after the upgrade.
Ø  Upgrading Projects that use UDDI-Registered Resources –
Verify section 9.3.5 Upgrading Projects that use UDDI-Registered Resources of Oracle® Fusion Middleware Upgrade Guide for SOA Suite, WebCenter and ADF 11g Release 1  for details, if any of the BPEL / ESB 10g projects use remote resources that are registered in a UDDI like Oracle Service Registry.


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My application is created in Oracle Jdeveloper i want to compile it on JDeveloper 11g. But it couldnt be compiled. When I opened my application in JDeveloper 11g, it first asks to migrate it (Y/N). I click Yes. It migrates successfully. But Toplink file was giving error that 'Unexpected error in Toplink'. How can i resolve this issue...?


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