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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Domain Value Maps 10g to 11g migration

In case of Domain Value Maps (DVMs) or Cross References used in Oracle BPEL Process Manager 10g or Oracle Enterprise Service Bus 10g projects,
The xPath functions used to access the domain value maps or cross references are upgraded automatically to Oracle BPEL Process Manager and Oracle Mediator 10g when the projects are opened and upgraded in Oracle JDeveloper 11g.
However, a manual upgrade task has to be performed to upgrade the domain value maps and cross references that are saved in the Oracle Enterprise Service Bus repository. 

The upgrade process moves the domain value maps from the ESB repository to the Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite 11g Metadata Services (MDS) repository.

Task 1 : Export the domain value map metadata to a ZIP file
1.       Change directory to the Oracle Enterprise Service Bus Oracle home.
2.      Use the export script to export the metadata to a ZIP file.
For example, on UNIX systems:
Task 2 : Convert the ZIP file to an Oracle SOA Suite archive file
Use Apache Ant and the upgrade-xrefdvm target in the sca-upgrade.xml file to use the metadata ZIP file to generate an Oracle SOA Suite archive JAR file:
1.       Change directory to the Oracle SOA Suite 11g Oracle home.
2.      Use the following command to generate a SOA archive file, which will automatically be called sca_XrefDvmFiles10g_rev1.0.jar:

ant -f ant-sca-upgrade.xml upgrade-xrefdvm
For example:
ant -f ant-sca-upgrade.xml upgrade-xrefdvm
Task 3:  Import the archive file into MDS repository
1.       Start Oracle JDeveloper 11g and create a new application.
2.      Import the Oracle SOA Suite archive into a new SOA project:
a.        From the Oracle JDeveloper 11g File menu, select Import, then SOA Archive into SOA Project.
b.       In the Create SOA Project from SOA Archive Dialog Box, click Browse and locate the sca_XrefDvmFiles10g_rev1.0.jar file that you created previously in this procedure.
c.        Make sure that the Project Name and Composite Name in the Create SOA Project from SOA Archive dialog box have the same name, which must be XrefDvmFiles10g.
d.       Click OK to create the new SOA project, which is called XrefDvmFiles10g.The new project consists of an empty composite, along with the upgraded XRef and DVM files.
3.       Create a metadata archive (MAR) file for the application, which includes the Xref and DVM metadata, and then deploy the MAR to the Oracle WebLogic Server domain.
For information about creating a MAR, see "Creating a Deployment Profile" in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Fusion Developer's Guide for Oracle Application Development Framework.
 After you upgrade the DVM and cross reference metadata to 11g, you can then use Oracle JDeveloper 11g to modify the entries in the XrefDvmFiles10g project as needed. Each time you make changes, you must then transfer them to the proper MDS repository using the MAR deployment process.


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