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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oracle SOA Suite 11g Command-Line Upgrade tool

Ø  The Oracle SOA Suite Command-Line Upgrade Tool has the following benefits:
o   The command-line tool automates the application upgrade work using scripts.
o   The command-line tool upgrades both Oracle BPEL Process Manager projects, and upgrades Oracle Enterprise Service Bus 10g projects to Oracle Mediator 11g.
o   With the command-line tool, BPEL projects can be merged together and created as a single composite out of multiple BPEL projects. This is not possible while using the Oracle JDeveloper Migration Wizard.
o   The functionality is exactly the same as the JDeveloper mode when it comes to dealing with SOA project contents because the same codebase is used.

Combining Multiple BPEL Projects into a Single Composite with the Oracle SOA Suite Command-Line Upgrade Tool

Using the Oracle SOA Suite Command-Line Upgrade Tool, BPEL projects together can be merged and created as a single composite. This is not possible while using the Migration Wizard in Oracle JDeveloper.

To combine multiple BPEL projects into a single composite, provide multiple source directories as part of the -Dsource property on the command line. Path separators can be a colon (:) or a semicolon (;). Ant will convert the separator to platform's local conventions. As a guideline, also use double quotes to identity the multiple source directories to prevent Ant from parsing the input in an unexpected manner.

The first source directory specified will be considered as the root of the 11g project and will determine the composite name.
For example:
ant -f ORACLE_HOME/bin/ant-sca-upgrade.xml
-Dsource "sourceDir1:sourceDir2"
-Dtarget targetDir
-DappName app_name

The first project in the source list is considered the root project and only those services are exposed as Composite Services. Anytime you use the merge feature, it is recommended that the projects be related.

Note: Merging of projects is supported for BPEL projects only. ESB projects cannot be merged with other BPEL or other ESB projects.


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