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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rotate WebLogic Server (WLS) logs to avoid large files using WLST

Weblogic Server Instance in Development Mode
The server automatically renames (rotates) its local server log file as SERVER_NAME.log.n. For the remainder of the server session, log messages accumulate in SERVER_NAME.log until the file grows to a size of 500 kilobytes. Each time the server log file reaches this size, the server renames the log file and creates a new SERVER_NAME.log to store new messages. By default, the rotated log files are numbered in order of creation filenamennnnn, where filename is the name configured for the log file. You can configure a server instance to include a time and date stamp in the file name of rotated log files; for example, server-name-%yyyy%-%mm%-%dd%-%hh%-%mm%.log.

 Weblogic Server Instance in Production Mode
 The server rotates its server log file whenever the file grows to 5000 kilobytes in size. It does not rotate the local server log file when the server is started. We can change these default settings for log file rotation based on a time interval or the maximum number of rotated files that can accumulate. After the number of log files reaches this number, subsequent file rotations delete the oldest log file and create a new log file with the latest suffix.

 Note: WebLogic Server sets a threshold size limit of 500 MB before it forces a hard rotation to prevent excessive log file growth.

To Rotate via WLST:
#invoke WLST
java weblogic.WLST

#connect WLST to an Administration Server
wls:/offline> connect('username','password')

#navigate to the ServerRuntime MBean hierarchy
wls:/mydomain/serverConfig> serverRuntime()

#navigate to the server LogRuntimeMBean
wls:/mydomain/serverRuntime> cd('LogRuntime/myserver')
wls:/mydomain/serverRuntime/LogRuntime/myserver> ls()
-r-- Name myserver
-r-- Type LogRuntime
-r-x forceLogRotation java.lang.Void :

#force the immediate rotation of the server log file
wls:/mydomain/serverRuntime/LogRuntime/myserver> cmo.forceLogRotation()
To specify the Location of the archived Log Files
The following command specifies the directory location for the archived log files using the                                -Dweblogic.log.LogFileRotationDir Java startup option:
java -Dweblogic.log.LogFileRotationDir=c:\foo weblogic.Server


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