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Friday, May 17, 2013

Understanding Administration Console Server's State and Health

Case 1: A managed server starts in "Managed Server Independent Mode" when it cannot successfully connect to it's corresponding Administration Server. Consequently, Administration Console "Summary of servers" table lists SHUTDOWN state and blank health state of the server.

Case 2: When a Managed Server is started through node manager, in case that the Administration Server can not be successfully be located during Managed Server start up, for any reason such as networking problems or on purpose we specify unreachable ADMIN_URL with server start arguments, managed server will run in Managed Server Independent Mode, Administration Console "Summary of servers" table lists server in RUNNING state as well as blank health state of the server.

Unknown health state

In both previous cases, the Administration Console "Summary of Servers" table lists a blank Health state for both server1 and server2. For server2 we can understand that this is because the server is not running, however now focusing on server1, the Administration Server is able to retrieve the RUNNING state of it fetching it from node manager but why it can not determine it's Health state? Administration server is perfectly capable of launching a JMX Connection to the managed server and get the Health state, however WebLogic Administration Infrastructure doesn't work in that way.
Managed server tries to connect to administration server via JMX during startup

When connected, The server generate log entry as following:

<BEA-149511> <Established JMX Connectivity with the Adminstration Server AdminServer at service:jmx:t3://localhost:7001/jndi/>

When connect failed, The server generate log entry as following:

<BEA-141151> <The admin server could not be reached at http://localhost:2001.>
<BEA-150018> <This server is being started in managed server independence mode in the absence of the admin server.>
Administration cosole get managed server health state

The administration MBeanHome interface provides type-safe access to Administration MBeans, all Local Configuration MBeans for all server instances in the domain, and all Runtime MBeans for all server instances in the domain. For example, a query for ServerRuntime MBeans on the administration MBeanHome returns one ServerRuntime MBean for each running server in the domain. It uses RMI to contact MBeans on Managed Servers, which uses more network resources.


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