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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

EBS projects 10g to 11g migration

Upgrade Tasks associated with ESB

Ø Upgrading Oracle Enterprise Service Bus Routing Rules That Are Not Exposed as Services
Issue:  While upgrading an Oracle Enterprise Service Bus 10g project that contains an ESB routing service that is not exposed as a Web service, then the routing service and related composites cannot be invoked after upgrade.
Action: To resolve this issue, modify the routing service in Oracle Mediator 11g so it is exposed as a Web service.  Alternatively, you can ensure that all routing services in your Oracle Enterprise Service Bus 10g projects are exposed as Web services before you begin the upgrade process.

Ø  Upgrading Oracle Enterprise Service Bus Projects with SOAP Headers to Oracle Mediator 11g
If XSLT functions are used to manipulate SOAP headers in Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) 10g, then after upgrade, those header manipulations will be modelled as assignments in Oracle Mediator 11g. For complex header manipulations, manually verify the SOAP headers before deploying the upgraded Oracle Mediator 11g projects.

Ø  Upgrading Routing Services to Use Asynchronous Routing
In Oracle Enterprise Service Bus 10g, there was no support for asynchronous routing services. Instead, when Oracle Enterprise Service Bus called an Oracle BPEL Process Manager asynchronous process, then an OneWay service was created. If a project in ESB 10g uses such an OneWay service, then after upgrade in Oracle JDeveloper 11g, remove the old routing service and recreate the routing service to use an Oracle Mediator 11g asynchronous routing instead of the OneWay invocation.

Ø  Upgrading Filtering or Setting Message Headers in Oracle Enterprise Service Bus
Oracle Enterprise Service Bus 10g supports filtering or setting message headers for standard and custom header properties for adapters, such as SOAP, JCA, JMS, and AQ adapters. Filtering in Oracle Enterprise Service Bus is done as part of the tag of the routing rule.
While upgrading Oracle Enterprise Service Bus projects in Oracle JDeveloper 11g, each routing rule is upgraded into case, and the filter expression is converted to condition. These changes can be found in the mplan file of the Routing Service.

Setting message headers is accomplished as part of the transformation files and these are upgraded to assign statements. During upgrade, it is converted to the equivalent assign element in 11g
Most of the standard header properties are upgraded to their equivalent 11g headers. Customized headers are upgraded using a best effort approach, but it is not possible to upgrade all the variations of customized headers. As a result manually upgrade any customized headers the equivalent condition or assign element and equivalent mplan artifacts.


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