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Monday, March 8, 2010

Web Services Development

Feature Area
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Service Development REST Services REST services can be coded and deployed to the integrated WLS 11g R1 or to standalone WLS 11g R1 servers. It should be noted that (1) the developer needs to install the Jersey REST run-time library on the server to enable this functionality, and (2) no wizard support exists for REST services  
Client Development Developing Relocatable Clients Client proxies can be moved between different machines by updating the endpoint url in the Catalog file that gets generated for JAX-WS clients (rather than embedding the endpoint in the client code)  
  JAX-RPC Client Class A client class that interacts with the proxy is now generated for JAX-RPC clients. This feature existed previously for OC4J clients, and is now re-enabled for WLS clients  
Policy Wizard for Security Configuration A wizard has been added that assists the user in installing a keystore, insert the right paths and add various passwords (encryption, signature, ..) on the client and the server. This makes it easier for users to support more advanced security scenarios in service, proxy and http analyzer scenarios  
  JAX-WS Client Security The proxy wizard now automatically configures the correct client security based on the policy defined in the WSDL  
UDDI UDDI Publishing Functionality has been added to publish the WSDL of a deployed service to any UDDI v.3 compliant repository  
HTTP Analyzer Support for Policy The developer can now set WS-Policy headers in the HTTP Analyzer, enabling the testing of Web Services that are configured with advanced security protocols (beyond basic username/password)  
  REST Support The content type of the message can be viewed, and syntax feedback is provided for both JSON and XML messages. The analyzer understands HATEOAS and therefore any hyperlink in XML or JSON messages is converted into a clickable link. The analyzer also understands WADL documents so each resource is converted into a clickable link with the correct content type on the request message  


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