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Monday, February 15, 2010

Working with business events(Oracle Application Adapters)

Business Events Concepts


A business event is an occurrence in an Internet or intranet application or program that might be significant to other objects in a system or to external agents. For instance, the creation of a purchase order is an example of a business event in a purchasing application.

Event Key

A string that uniquely identifies an instance of an event. Together, the event name, event key, and event data fully communicate what occurred in the event.

Event Message

A standard Workflow structure for communicating business events, defined by the datatype WF_EVENT_T. The event message contains the event data as well as several header properties, including the event name, event key, addressing attributes, and error information.

Event Activity

A business event modeled as an activity so that it can be included in a workflow process.

Event Data

A set of additional details describing an event. The event data can be structured as an XML document. Together, the event name, event key, and event data fully communicate what occurred in the event.

Event Subscription

A registration indicating that a particular event is significant to a system and specifying the processing to perform when the triggering event occurs. Subscription processing can include calling custom code, sending the event message to a workflow process, or sending the event message to an agent.

Deferred Subscription Processing

If you do not want subscriptions for an event to be executed immediately when the event occurs, you can defer the subscriptions. In this way you can return control more quickly to the calling application and let the Event Manager execute any costly subscription processing at a later time.


An agent is a named point of communication within a system. Communication within and between systems is accomplished by sending a message from one agent to another. A single system can have several different agents representing different communication alternatives. For example, a system may have different agents to support inbound and outbound communication, communication by different protocols, different propagation frequencies, or other alternatives.

Prerequisites to Configure Outbound Business Events
·         The agentListener must be running on WF_Deferred queue.
·         The event should be enabled for BPEL to subscribe to it. The event should not be in the disabled mode.


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