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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

AQJMS Configuration

Database  Side Configuration:-
1. Create User
Create user "aquser"
Password : aiadbsys

2. Grant Permissions
connect / as sysdba;
Grant connect, resource TO aquser;
Grant aq_user_role TO aquser;
Grant execute ON sys.dbms_aqadm TO aquser;

Grant execute ON sys.dbms_aq TO aquser;
Grant execute ON sys.dbms_aqin TO aquser;
Grant execute ON sys.dbms_aqjms TO aquser;
3. Create AQ Queue
queue_table =>"AQ_QUEUE",
queue_payload_type =>'$_jms_text_message',
multiple_consumers =>false
4. Start AQ
exec dbms_aqadm.stop_queue(“AIA_AQJMS”)
exec dbms_aqadm.start_queue(“AIA_AQJMS”)

Weblogic Side Configuration (AIA )

1. Configure New Multi Data Source “AIAAQJMS”. Set JNDI name “jdbc/aqjms”
    Navigate to Services -> Data Sources -> Multi Data Source

2. Set JNDI Name as jdbc/aqjms

Select the target as Soa Cluster

Select “XA Driver”

   Select Database Driver as shown below

 Provide Database specific details

2. Configure a New JMS Module “AQJMSModule”.

Navigate to Messaging -> JMS Modules. Create a new module “AQJmsQueue”
Type in Local JNDI and Remote JNDI Name – jms/aqjmsdest and Queues/AIA_AQJMS

3. In JMS Module, Create a New Foreign Server “AQForeignServer”. Set Initial Context Factory to oracle.jms.AQJmsInitialContextFactory. Associate JNDI Properties to JNDI configured in first step i.e. “jdbc/aqjms”

4. Configure Foreign Destination “AQjmsQueue” with local JNDI Name and Foreign JNDI Name. Local JNDI Name – “jms/aqjmsdest”. Remote JNDI Name – “Queues/AIA_AQJMS”
5. Configure New Connection Factory “AQJmsConnectionFactory. Set Local JNDI Name to “jms/aqjmscf” and Remote JNDI to “XAQueueConnectionFactory”
6. Update JMS Adapter. Navigate to Deployment Tab and then to JMS Resource Adapter Link. Select Configuration -> Outbound Connection Pools. Create a new connection pool “AQConnection”. Set the connection factory location to “jdbc/aqjms” configured in first step.


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