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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Composite Deployment Failed with java.lang.Exception: BPEL compilation failed

Some time you must be facing strange issue during your composite deployment from JDeveloper as below,


[09:39:43 AM] ----  Deployment started.  ----
[09:39:43 AM] Target platform is  (Weblogic 10.3).
[09:39:43 AM] Running dependency analysis...
[09:39:43 AM] Building...
[09:40:32 AM] Deploying profile...
[09:40:32 AM] Updating revision id for the SOA Project 'TestBPELProcess.jpr' to '1.0'..
[09:40:33 AM] Wrote Archive Module to C:\Teamfusion\MyWork\RequesterABCS\TestBPELProcess\deploy\sca_TestBPELProcess_rev1.0.jar
[09:40:33 AM] Deploying sca_TestBPELProcess_rev1.0.jar to partition "development" on server soa_server1 [localhost:8001]
[09:40:33 AM] Processing sar=/C:/Teamfusion/MyWork/RequesterABCS/TestBPELProcess/deploy/sca_TestBPELProcess_rev1.0.jar
[09:40:33 AM] Adding sar file - C:\Teamfusion\MyWork\RequesterABCS\TestBPELProcess\deploy\sca_TestBPELProcess_rev1.0.jar
[09:40:33 AM] Preparing to send HTTP request for deployment
[09:40:33 AM] Creating HTTP connection to host:localhost, port:8001
[09:40:33 AM] Sending internal deployment descriptor
[09:40:33 AM] Sending archive - sca_TestBPELProcess_rev1.0.jar
[09:40:43 AM] Received HTTP response from the server, response code=500
[09:40:43 AM] Error deploying archive sca_TestBPELProcess_rev1.0.jar to partition "development" on server soa_server1 [localhost:8001]
[09:40:43 AM] HTTP error code returned [500]
[09:40:43 AM] Error message from server:
Error during deployment: Deployment Failed: Error occurred during deployment of component: TestBPELProcessProcess to service engine: implementation.bpel, for composite: TestBPELProcess: ORABPEL-05250

Error deploying BPEL suitcase.
error while attempting to deploy the BPEL component file "/app/product/soa11g/middleware/user_projects/domains/soadev/deployed-composites/TestBPELProcess_rev1.0/sca_TestBPELProcess_rev1.0/soa_9d7d140a-b660-4459-83ed-ede33136571a"; the exception reported is: java.lang.Exception: BPEL compilation failed

This error contained an exception thrown by the underlying deployment module.
Verify the exception trace in the log (with logging level set to debug mode).
[09:40:43 AM] Check server log for more details.
[09:40:43 AM] Error deploying archive sca_TestBPELProcess_rev1.0.jar to partition "development" on server soa_server1 [localhost:8001]
[09:40:43 AM] ####  Deployment incomplete.  ####
[09:40:43 AM] Error deploying archive file:/C:/Teamfusion/MyWork/RequesterABCS/TestBPELProcess/deploy/sca_TestBPELProcess_rev1.0.jar


1.        Stop the soa server and admin server.
2.       Delete the folders <processname>.*           Delete these folders from <soainstallationhome>/user_projects/domains/<Domain_Name>/deployed-composites and<soainstallationhome>/user_projects/domains/<Domain_Name>/servers/soa_server1/tmp/_WL_user/soa-infra/<find the folder>\war\WEB-INF\default Example:/app/product/soa11g/middleware/user_projects/domains/base_domain/deployed-composites and /app/product/soa11g/middleware/user_projects/domains/base_domain/servers/soa_server1/tmp/_WL_user/soa-infra/k678l\war\WEB-INF\default
3.       Restart the servers and re-deploy the composite


Anonymous said...

Can we delete all folder undertmp. I am using Oracle BPM11.1.1.7 and could reach to C:\SS7\Middleware\user_projects\domains\bpmbam_domain2\servers\AdminServer\tmp\_WL_user\soa-infra

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