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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Basic FAQs of SOA Suite 11g Part 2

How can I call the Rules Engine from the Mediator?

Oracle Rules can be integrated with Mediator through [ Mediator Dynamic Routing functionality |

Does Mediator support a management/monitoring API ?

Mediator can be monitored by EM. It also exposes those monitoring functionality through remoteable Facade API.
Mediator also expose it's management functionality through EM and MBea

Does Mediator support BAM?

Mediator does not support the BAM design time sensors like BPEL does through BAM Sensors. But BAM can be configured as BAM Service reference inside the same composite of the mediator component and mediator can publish data to BAM for reporting purpose

What size XML documents can Mediator support?

Check out this for how SOA Suite 11g handles large payload

Does Oracle Mediator support message ordering?

For a synchronous flow, order will be guaranteed if the inbound source adapter is configured with one thread for the source endpoint and there is only one target endpoint. Ordering for Async routing rules will be guaranteed if the outbound endpoint is not clustered/multi-threaded.
In 11gR1 PS1, a message resequencer has been added which has more elaborate support for resequencing.

Can Mediator pass security credentials when invoking an external web service?

Yes through Security Policy in outbound WS-Binding reference. See this for more details

How can I disable the auditing messages for mediator ?

Mediator provides Admin and MBean interface through EM to manage audit level settings. Check out Mediator Audit Setting configuration

What sort of Transaction support does Mediator have?

·         Oracle Mediator provides full support for participating and initiating JTA/XA transactions across any service interactions that use Java which can be from the following destinations.*
·         JCA adapters such as Database, JMS, AQ, MQ
·         Java programs invoked using the Oracle Mediator invocation API
·         Any other SCA components
·         Mediator Inherits Inbound Global Transactions
·         An "Async" Routing Rule ends the scope of the current transaction
·         New Mediator initiated transactions are grouped by Mediator System
·         Transaction Exception Handling and Rollback
·         Errors on existing inbound transactions are rolled back to initiator
·         Errors on Mediator initiated transactions can be resubmitted from the Mediator Control
·         The End-to-end message flow will terminate on the 1st failed service regardless of transaction state or owner  

Will the fault policies be executed in the same transaction context as the Mediator execution thread ?

No. Fault handling based on fault policy executed in separate transaction and separate thread.

If a routing service has 2 async services, what happens if they both fail? Do two error hospital messages get generated or one?

Both will show up as two different re-submittable instances in EM console.

Can auto retry be configured in the following scenario and if so, how?

I'm trying to configure good old fashioned pub-sub. I have the subscribers transacting independently (Asynch routing rules with adapters in different systems) and I can manually resubmit failures from the Error Hospital.
You can configure the adapter to retry through setting properties in JCA binding in composite.xml. So for instance if an endpoint is down for a couple minutes, setting retryCount = 5 and retryInterval = 60 would cause it to retry for 5 minutes before it gives up and sends back to error hospital for manual resubmit.
Additionally, if you want to do auto resubmit of errors from Error Hospital, you can utilize mediator fault-policy framework for doing so [ ]
Instance can be resubmitted through EM console.
You can achieve the same with programmatic interface.

What is the correct way to purge Mediator instance data?

There are at least 3 options:
1) Use the SOA EM instance tracking page purge using time based filter criteria. The filter criteria is also expanded to the search dialog such as instanceid, service name and status.
2) Use Facade API to purge the instance data.
3) Use DB scripts to purge the instance data post-PS1.


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