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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Few points to note about Oracle DB Adapter

  • The operation Update Only sometimes performs inserts/deletes for child records. That is, an update to Master could involve a new or deleted detail. So if the input to update contains only one detail record, then the other detail records in the table are deleted.
  • Schema Bound XML tables are not supported.
  • Oracle Database Adapter only supports tables where there is a primary key defined. If primary key constraints have not been defined on a table explicitly, then you must provide one at design time while defining the Oracle Database Adapter by using the Adapter Configuration Wizard. If you do not provide a valid primary key, then the unique constraint is not guaranteed, and this could result in possible loss of messages at run time. That is, rows with duplicate primary key values are likely to be lost.
  • Oracle recommends that you use varchar instead of char for primary key columns, otherwise you will need to set the weblogic-ra.xml property shouldTrimStrings to false. The truncation of trailing spaces could cause the primary key to be read incorrectly, making it impossible to update read rows as processed.
  • Incase of polling with Sequencing Table/Update an External Sequencing Table, ensure that the name of the table in the SELECT query matches the case of the data in the sequencing table.
  • The WHERE clause applies to SELECT operations only (that is, polling for new or changed records or performing a SELECT operation on a table). It does not apply to INSERTUPDATE, and DELETEoperations.
  • You must use a non-XA driver with the SOALocalTxDataSource parameter. Switching to an XA driver breaks product functionality.
  • For Oracle Database Adapter with polling operation in a clustered environment, you must use the option of distributed polling by selecting the Distributed Polling check box in the Adapter Configuration Wizard.
  • The name of stored procedures or packages that refers to database or user-defined data types must not include the character $ in it. The presence of $ in the name would cause the XSD file generation to fail.


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