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Monday, November 8, 2010

Throttling inbound message flow

There is an activation agent (bpel.xml) property (since, which can be used to control the speed at which the adapter posts messages to BPEL

         <activationAgent partnerLink="JmsDequeuePL" ... >
           <property name="minimumDelayBetweenMessages">1000</property>
The same setting in 11G would be configured as a binding property in the composite.xml the corresponding (inbound) <service>, e.g.
<service name="Inbound">
  <interface.wsdl interface=""/>
  <binding.jca config="Dequeue_jms.jca">
    <property name="minimumDelayBetweenMessages">1000</property>
This setting ensures that there at least will be 1000 milli seconds delay between two consecutive messages being posted to the BPEL process.

  • this setting pertains only to BPEL, and only to one adapter polling thread. If multiple adapter polling threads (e.g. multiple JMS dequeuer threads) have been configured, this setting will control the speed of each thread, not the combined speed.


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