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Monday, November 8, 2010

How do I setup the FileAdapter in HA environment

The File and FTP adapters support the high availability feature for the active-passive topology. Perform the following steps to configure the adapter for this feature:
i)Create a share folder on highly available file system. This folder should have the write permission and should be accessible from all the systems that are running the file and FTP adapters.
ii)Open the file available in the ORAHOME\bpel\system\service\config directory on each of the nodes.
iii)Set oracle.tip.adapter.file.controldirpath to the shared folder name. This is the shared folder that will store the control files for the adapter.
iv)Restart the servers.
Please note that in the case of ESB, you will need to rename ORAHOME\integration\esb\config\ to and make the relevant changes there.


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