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Monday, November 8, 2010

Does AQ adapter provide support for multiple dequeue threads?

AQ adapter provides support for multiple threads for polling an inbound queue during an endpoint activation. Number of threads can be specified using endpoint activation property 'numberOfAqMessageListeners'. Default, if none specified, is 1 which would imply that an endpoint activation will result in a single poller thread that is started by adapter to dequeue from an inbound queue. Using a higher value can be used as a tuning parameter to address performance related issues.

Controlling polling frequency for dequeue threads in AQ adapter

AQ adapter allows for setting an endpoint property 'DequeueTimeOut', that in turn controls the time for which the dequeue thread would wait for the message before starting the next poll cycle. Default, if none specified, is 1 which would imply that the dequeue thread will wait for 1s to dequeue a message from the queue. If no message is dequeued within that interval (say the queue is empty), adapter will start the next poll cycle. The below snippet shows bpel.xml configured with DequeueTimeOut value of 10; 
       <activationAgent partnerLink="AQDequeuePL" ...>
          <property name="DequeueTimeOut">10</property>


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