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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Error Conditions that Cannot be Handled with a Fault Handler in BPEL

A fault handler is used to catch Oracle BPEL Process Manager execution exceptions.
With the catch and catchAll branches, Oracle BPEL Process Manager can catch and
handle almost all business and runtime exceptions. However, there are conditions that
the fault handler cannot handle:

■ Some Oracle BPEL Server internal errors. When these occur, Oracle BPEL Server
cannot ensure the execution of the Oracle BPEL Process Manager instance. For
example, a database access exception occurs. If this occurs, Oracle BPEL Server
sends this exception to the top. This prevents the fault handler from catching and
handling it.
■ Lower level JVM error (for example, OutOfMemoryException)
■ If the transaction is set to roll back only or the transaction is rolled back at commit
time because of a timeout. In this case, even if the fault handler catches the fault,
any steps it takes are discarded.

Note: Oracle BPEL Process Manager internal errors are modeled
using the class CubeException. The faults handled by the fault
handler are modeled by the class BPELFault.


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