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Monday, March 8, 2010

SOA Suite 11g-Samples

I was trying to filter through the forums and many emails from customers / partners / and internal people - to come up with a list of samples that illustrate common issues
The contains

bpel-102-AssignActivities illustrates how to work with advanced activities, such as copyList, or insertBefore
bpel-103-Loops illustrates how to work with arrays and collections, through xsl, flown and while loops
bpel-104-SynchronizationOfProcesses shows how to synchronize processes / or branches with each other (through signals / links & events)
bpel-105-Headers shows the usage of header variables between processes
bpel-106-FaultHandling demonstrates fault handling, with custom faults, and compensation
bpel-107-WorkingWithSDOAndEntities showcased the usage of SDOs and entity variables (in a simpler form than Fusion Order Demo does)
bpel-108-UsingXQuery is a port of the 10.1.3x based XQuery sample - showing how to use xquery for complex operations
bpel-109-UsingSchematronForAdvValidation Illustrates the usage of Schematron for context based validation within a bpel process (via bpelx:exec activity) and
bpel-110-WorkingWithRestillustrates how to call a rest based service (in this case google's robot) and how to invoke a composite via jax-ws http binding
Note that all of these are undocumented samples, so they are only code based. Once they'll go on - they will be nicely doc'ed and also contain build scripts.


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