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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Setting and Getting Preferences in Oracle Fusion 11G

 Setting the Preference

As we used preferences in BPEL very often, we expeted to use this in 11g as well. But within the BPEL editor and in the SCA editor there is no button to apply preferences. the function ora:getPreference() is available, but were do we apply this preferences.

The solution is there and writtin in:

Preferences can be set at composite level and these preferences are defined at particular levels; BPEL, Partnerlink.

To use BPEL properties defined the properties in composite.xml.

<component name="BPELProcess1">
    <implementation.bpel src="BPELProcess1.bpel"/>
    <property name="bpel.preference.TestPref">TestValue</property>

Now we can use the function ora:getPreference('TestPref') in our bpel process to retrieve the value of the preference.

Note:--This didn’t work for me until I used single quotes in the getPreference function.

Changing the value of preference from enterprise manager

In Oracle SOA Suite 11g things changed a but, we got a new fancy console to manage all the components.
To change to values from the prefences go to the ‘Enterprise Manager’ (http://localhost:7001/em).
On the left go to :
Farm_soa_domain > Weblogic Domain > soa_domain > right mouseclick and select ‘System MBean Browser’.

Navigate to Application Defined MBeans > oracle.soa.config > Server : soa_server1 > SCAComposite > your_project > SCAComposite.SCAComponent > your bpel_process.
Select the Attribute ‘Properties’.


Change the value of our preference and click apply.



Deployment Descriptor Properties


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