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Monday, March 8, 2010

JDeveloper 11G Core IDE

Feature Area Feature Description Screenshot
Application Overview Redesigned UI The Application Overview has been redesigned for improved usability and performance.
Checklist A new Checklist tab has been added to the application overview viewer. The Checklist is designed to guide users (especially new users) through typical steps in building an application. Initially, there is a checklist only for new applications based on the "Fusion Web Application" application template.
Application Navigator Create package Create and delete packages and folders directly from the Application Navigator
Keymaps Eclipse Keymap New Eclipse keymap maps the default Eclipse keymaps to equivalent functionality in JDeveloper
User Feedback Usage Tracking Automatically records certain events that occur during the normal usage of the product. If you opt-in to this feature, at specific intervals, JDeveloper can send some summarized information about how you use the product to Oracle. We can then use this information to improve the product.
Extension Development Multiple Classloaders Extension developers can now declaratively request a separate classloader. This can help eliminate conflicts that can occur between mutliple extensions needed different versions of the same library.

Migration Improved Experience JDeveloper now provides a list of previous installations to migrate settings from
Property Inspector UI Enhnancement Property Inspector provides improved access to help and actions that can be launched for a given property
SVN 1.6 Changelist Support SVN changelist functionality
Merge Track Use a graphical version tree to provide enhanced merge process
Sparse directory Allow checkout with selectable 'depth' from directory structure
svn+ssh:// Protocol SSH client access via password prompt or public private key validation.
Revision Label Browser Browse and review differences between SVN revision labels
Compare Java Structure Compare Browse using structure compare window
Serena Enterprise level support Support local (user) checkout and branching and merge
Perforce Connections Support multiple Perforce connections
SCM Integration TPC Integration Select TPC work items to associate SCM checkins with (see below)


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