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Friday, February 19, 2016

Things to know about BRM JCA Adapter configuration

TransactionMode should be set to Local if automatic BPEL Remote Fault detection/action for connection failures is required. 

Basically it is the fact that JCA throws Retriable Exceptions in Local Transactions for NAP_CONNECT_FAILED (and a few others like DM_CONNECT_FAILED, BAD_READ etc.) that results in BPEL detecting it as remote fault, not the BRM error code itself. However for XA, JCA throws mostly XAException which BPEL cannot detect as Remote Fault so it will be always be a binding fault there so JCA should not be deployed in XA mode if BPEL automatic detection of remote fault is relied upon by customers. Oracle JCA adapters also document some limitations by saying fault policy management will not work for outbound JCA adaptors in XA mode and they should use SOA's JCA retry mechanism instead of fault mechanism.
Section2. .Fault management in BPEL using Remote Faults to retry will not work with BRM JCA adaptor in XA mode since JCA will throw XA Exceptions that XA Transaction Manager will expect and take action. Moreover XA transaction should not retried via fault mechanism, but rather based XA specific error codes.

FailoverConnectionString should be kept empty or should not contain invalid entries

Whenever a connection fails it tries to reconnect to the other entries in the FailoverConnectionString and when those entries cannot be accessed we get CM_ADDRESS_LOOKUP_FAILED. We should clear the FailoverConnectionString entry completely or just replace localhost and localhost2 with the same host as the one in the connection string. 

BRMConnectionPoolMaxsize= Max Capacity BRMConnectionPoolMinsize = Initial Capacity 

BRMConnectionPoolMaxsize / BRMConnectionPoolMinsize is where we define the pool size, which is the number of connections from JCA to BRM.Initial Capacity / Max Capacity is the managed pool size from application which defines the total Managed connections from Application Server to JCA.The application server uses a configured resource adapter (BRM adapter in this case) to create physical connections to the underlying EIS with the help of Connection Factory instance. If we have (x-1) number of Managed connections and (x) number of Connection Factory instances (Physical connections), we are actually not utilizing all the physical connections. In the same way, if we have (x) Managed connections and (x-1) physical connections, we are possibly affecting the performance of the overall system as each Managed connection utilizes system resource (memory and disk space etc.).So it is recommended to have the (managed) connection pool and Connection Factory instance to have same values, which allows for 100% utilization overall system

OS level timeout properties

Usage of OS level TCP IP parameters (e.g. keepalive parameters) while working with the BRM JCA Adapter. By default, the effectiveness of the keepalive parameter is enabled in JCA Adapter (if the parameters are defined in OS kernel) and does not need any configuration.
 # cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_keepalive_time 
 7200 (default) changed to 240 
 # cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_keepalive_intvl 
 75 (default) changed to 60 
 # cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_keepalive_probes 
 9 (default) unchanged


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